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DeSean "Action" Jackson to Return?

February 13, 2017
DeSean Jackson has long been considered a me-first player. A selfish guy who was a bit soft.

He’s also, by many, been labeled as having one foot out the door of Redskins Park, as he’ll become a free-agent next month.

According to multiple reports last week, the Redskins had not yet begun any negotiations with Jackson and his fellow receiver free-agent, Pierre Garcon.

Also, per Brian McNally and other reports, an internal split exists in the Redskins football operations and front office on which receiver they should try to re-sign or bring back.

So you have two receivers, both over 30, both free agents and looking for one last big contract. Both have multiple potential suitors.

In our next post, we’re going to break down the decision and give you my reasons why I would make an interesting choice, but for now, we should examine if Jackson’s recent and surprising power-play means anything.

In case you missed it, Jackson surprised many of us, if not all of us, by posting a workout picture at Redskins Park last Wednesday.

Jackson has been a very inconsistent part of the Redskins off-season workout program and consistently missed OTA days and parts of the non-mandatory conditioning phases.

He reportedly has been a regular at the facility since the season ended.

This is only strange because of Jackson’s own actions and words in the past. He’s said several times that he has other business interests and family obligations.

Since becoming a Redskin, he’s filmed a reality television show and continued his music recording business while seemingly making no commitment to being with his teammates while everyone else. 

Image result for desean jackson

He was obviously under no mandatory obligation to do that, but it would have been a nice look and token of investment.

On Thursday, Jackson did an interview on “Redskins Nation” with Larry Michael and expressed his desire to be with the Redskins.

Naturally, the combination of what Jackson has been doing (at the facility) and what he said on a team-run television show, stoked everybody’s interest about what it could mean and if Jackson is destined to return.

I hate to ruin everyone’s day but it means very little. Next to nothing is probably more accurate.

I’ve learned that words do not equal results, especially when those words are uttered at Redskins Park.

Sorry. I've been around a long time and have been lied to or mis-led way too many times. 

It doesn’t mean that Jackson won’t eventually sign back with the Redskins, but we have to stop being lunatics and believing everything that is said is the truth and will ultimately be the reality of the situation.

Even though nothing is guaranteed, it doesn’t mean Jackson’s actions aren’t an indication of how far he’s come as a person. That’s more important in my eyes.

Perhaps Jackson was advised by his agent or somebody on the inside of the building (more likely) that he needed to show a complete commitment to change the minds of a decision maker?

Perhaps he just did it on his own? Who knows and it doesn’t matter to be honest.

It shows me how far Jackson has evolved. He’s come a longer way as a person than as a football player but he’s improved in both areas.

From a football perspective, his speed and explosive long-ball threat is still his strength but I’ve seen more of a commitment to run over the middle of the field and take some punishment.

Maybe it’s not enough, but I’ve seen more of it.

The most important thing is that Jackson seems to have matured as a person and as a man.

Teammates have talked about the changes they’ve seen. Coaches have mentioned it at times. I’ve seen it in some ways and I’m not even around the team daily anymore.

Jackson made a daily habit of griping about his contract and dissatisfaction with his pay in Philadelphia. It was non-stop.

I don’t remember one time that in three years with the Redskins that Jackson complained about his contract. Maybe somebody does, but I surely don’t.

That was a big step, because quite honestly, it was fully expected.

Remember the stories about gang affiliations and signs when he was released by the Eagles? There were some rumblings of this in his first year, but I don’t recall seeing anything out of the ordinary, behind the scenes or even off-camera.

Jackson became a father about a year ago and has by all accounts embraced fatherhood to the fullest. As a Dad myself, I have all the respect in the world for how Jackson has gone about this huge chapter in his life.

Being a Dad also helps you be more mature, responsible and less selfish. All were criticisms of Jackson and probably were fair.

“My family and my house,” Jackson told Michael on CSN-Mid Atlantic as to huge reasons why he wants to return to the Redskins. “I have everything here and I don’t want to be in a transaction and move.”

Again, that doesn’t mean that if the Philadelphia Eagles offer ten million dollars per year on average, that he wouldn’t return, especially if the Redskins are only offering seven or eight million per year.

The feeling has to be this: If the Redskins are reasonable and fair with Jackson, he’ll very likely sign his last long-term contract here. And I actually would feel good about that. 

Chris Russell has covered the Washington Redskins for six seasons for multiple media outlets and was a part of the Redskins Radio Network broadcast team for the last five. He covers the Redskins for Monumental Network (,, & Warpath Magazine. Listen to Chris on Washington D.C.'s # 1 sports radio station, 106.7 The FAN